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How to Help


Volunteer at a build or repair site wielding a hammer, painting, or landscaping. Or help behind the scenes as we coordinate fundraisers and events, recruit volunteers, and ensure the operation remains a viable part of our community.

Contact Information
Construction help

Please check all ways you can help and indicate your skill level by checking: High, Medium or Low

Site preparation









Coordinate Permits, Bids, Variances

Site Selection/Property Acquisition

Availability for Construction Help

Other Volunteer interests

In addition to or instead of Construction, I am interested in helping in these areas:

Telephone Assistance (Making calls/Recording and referring incoming messages)

Office Support/Mailing/Correspondence

Family Partnering

Fund Raising/Carpenter’s Club

Volunteer Coordination

Covenant Church Liaison

Grant Writing

Family Selection

Media Contact

Waiver of Liability

(All persons intending to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity please read and sign below)

I hereby release Habitat for Humanity of Worcester County, Inc. from any liability for any injuries or illness that I or my dependents may suffer in the course of my volunteer actions. I expressly waive any such claim for compensation from Habitat for Humanity of Worcester County, Inc., and Habitat for Humanity International, in the event of such injury or medical expense.

I also acknowledge that if I am entrusted with financial details or other information of a sensitive or private nature regarding partner families, potential partner families, or Habitat for Humanity Worcester County, Inc. that I will keep this information in confidence.

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