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Accepting New Home Build Applications through January 31

Now Accepting Applications for Habitat's Next New Home Build in Bishopville

Habitat for Humanity is accepting applications for a 3BR/2BA new home build through January 31, 2024. Please note, funding is limited and will be based on third party partner approval, in addition to acceptance first in the Habitat program. To apply, please carefully read eligibility information linked here, then email inquiries  to to be scheduled for a pre-application interview.

Habitat Worcester Home Build Preliminary Requirements January 2024:

Maximum Income Per Household:

1 - 4 person: $75,500

5+ person:    $99,650

Minimum Income Per Household: 

1 - 4 person: $47,200

5+ person:    $62,350

  • Must Demonstrate a Need for adequate shelter – Examples of circumstance include: current housing is too small for the size of the family and family is unable to obtain alternative housing; housing is unsafe; rent is greater than 35% of monthly income (cost burdened); unable to afford or qualify for conventional mortgage.
  • Willingness to Partner – Applicant is willing to commit to the “sweat equity requirement” (400 hours for a build). Applicant agrees to make “earnest money” payments into escrow account during the build process, will not incur any additional consumer debt during this time, will notify the affiliate of any changes in financial status, and agrees to maintain home after purchase and pay mortgage payments each month on time.
  • Ability to Pay – Families must earn between 30% - 60% of the AMI for Worcester County (as defined by HUD) to qualify. Families must submit all of the requested verification documentation in a timely manner. Front end and back end ratio requirements for debt service and minimum credit score required. 
  • Must Pass Credit and Background Checks – including but not limited to a minimum credit score, criminal, sexual and terrorist or suspicious activity background checks; there must not be any liens or judgments against the applicant or co-applicant.
  • Application Fee – $30 to help cover the costs incurred by the affiliate.
  • Must be a US Citizen or Resident and Worcester County, MD resident for at least one year.
  • Must not be able to otherwise afford a conventional mortgage.
  • Applicant must also meet all requirements and be approved for USDA 502 direct loan program including total debt of 41% or less inclusive of housing costs.

First Steps to Apply:

  • Please take the time to read this page and Homeownership Responsibilities and become familiar with our homeownership roles, process and qualification requirements.
  • Once you have read the guidelines and feel that you meet all the qualifications of a Habitat Homebuyer, you may send an inquiry email during the application rounds mentioned above. Please note we are unable to accommodate requests that are sent outside of application periods.
  • Send inquiry email to with “Homeownership Program” as the subject line. In the email, briefly outline your need for a Habitat home, the times you are available for a phone call, and a Family Selection Committee member will be in touch to set up your pre-application interview. 


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