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Frequent Questions

  1. Q: Does Habitat for Humanity of Worcester County, MD provide emergency, rental, or free housing?

    A: No. Habitat for Humanity of Worcester County provides permanent housing via a homeownership program financed through zero percent interest loans for qualified partner families. Families obtain a mortgage through Habitat for Humanity of Worcester County. In some cases we also finance critical repairs and rehabs for existing homeowners.

  2. Q: Can anyone qualify for a Habitat home?

    A: No. Partner families must meet certain criteria in order to qualify for a Habitat home. Minimum qualifications include: earning between 30% - 60% of the median income for Worcester County, MD; a willingness to partner and perform "sweat equity" on the home's construction; proof of hardship. Find out more about qualifying as a homeowner and for critical repairs and rehabs.

  3. Q: What are the income requirements for a Habitat home?

    A: To qualify for a Habitat for Humanity of Worcester County home, families (combined if a co-borrower situation) must earn between 30 - 60% of the median income for Worcester County, MD. The affiliate follows HUD guidelines. 2014 HUD guidelines are as follows:

    • Worcester County, MD Median income (rounded): $73,100
    • For a family of four, the range Habitat would accept is: $22,300 - $43,860. (Income amounts adjust slightly to accommodate family size.)
  4. Q: Does Habitat earn income from its homes?

    A: No. Habitat for Humanity of Worcester County does act as the "bank" as in traditional lending, but in this case, the loans are at zero percent interest so no income is earned. This is true for both traditional builds and critical repairs and rehabs.

  5. Q: If I applied for a Habitat home before and didn't meet the criteria, am I able to apply again?

    A: Yes. You are welcome to apply for a Habitat home again as long as your situation has changed from the previous application. You will once again need to fill out the preliminary application, and should you meet the criteria you will be able to begin the process again.

  6. Q: How does Habitat finance its homes?

    A: Habitat for Humanity of Worcester County raises funds in a variety of ways. In some cases, federal, state, or privately funded grants can partially fund projects. Volunteer labor, donated land or materials, additional gifts in kind, business sponsorships, and warehouse sales benefit the affiliate. We also raise money through annual events and fundraisers. Visit our events page and Facebook page often for the latest events and campaigns you can be a part of.

  7. Q: Do I need to be a contractor to volunteer for Habitat?

    A: No. In fact, most of the volunteer opportunities we have do not involve swinging a hammer! And even when there is an active build site, there are volunteer training opportunities to turn even the most inexperienced into a hands-on volunteer. There's a substantial need for advocates, fundraisers, office workers, volunteer coordinators, team builders... you name it! Visit our Volunteer Page and fill out an volunteer application to find out more.

  8. Q: What types of donations do you accept for your warehouse or ReStore?

    A: We accept a variety of items. But we do not take everything. Items must be in like-new condition and fall primarily into these main categories:

    • Furniture - (indoor and outdoor; must be gently used and good quality only. Be prepared to discuss condition and send photos if requested).
    • Household appliances - (gently used, like-new working condition, recent models unless considered antique with value).
    • Household fixtures - (lighting elements, cabinets, faucets, knobs and locks, fencing, etc.)
    • Building supplies - (roofing, flooring, exterior siding, bricks, landscaping materials, etc. - wide variety accepted)
    • Architectural - (columns, gazebos, exterior elements, fireplace mantels, marble, granite, wrought iron fencing, etc.)
    Click here for a complete list of what we will and will not accept.

  9. Q: Which items will you NOT accept?
    • Clothing
    • Other personal items
    • Toilets and certain other plumbing materials due to federal regulations - inquire for additional details
    • Tube televisions
    • Open paint and used paint brushes/materials
    • Mattresses
    • Hazardous materials
    • Used tires
    Click here for a complete list of what we will and will not accept.

  10. Q: I can't drop off my items. Do you schedule pick-ups?

    A: Yes. Please visit the warehouse sales page for more information.

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